Getting Started with Yoga: 4 Tips for Beginners

If you’ve been thinking about giving yoga a try, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some quick tips for beginners.

Almost anyone can benefit from yoga, and you don’t need much to get started, which is one of the awesome things about yoga!  You don’t need any special equipment, although you will probably want to pick up a yoga mat sooner rather than later. Otherwise, though some props such as yoga blocks or a strap may be helpful for beginners, they really aren’t necessary for getting started with yoga. You can do yoga just about anywhere, so it’s up to you whether you want to go to a live class at a local gym or yoga studio, or start off at home with a yoga DVD or online class.

Here are a few tips for getting started with yoga:

1.) Just Do It!

Sometimes the hardest part of getting started with yoga is making the commitment to do it! There are always excuses you can come up with, like not enough time, money, blah, blah (fill in your excuse). But, once you’ve made the decision to give it a go, you just need to follow through on it. Pick up a yoga DVD that you can use at home, or browse our workout archives for lots of free videos, and just give it a go!

If the thought of a lengthy class intimidates you, you can just start small and do a few poses for ten minutes, every day for seven days, and see how you feel. Anyone can commit to doing something for ten minutes a day for seven days. Heck, we all waste more than ten minutes a day just checking our email or goofing around on social media so why not start a new positive habit? The more you do it, the more you’ll like it!

2.) Equip Yourself

To get started all you really need is a yoga mat. If you have hardwood floors you should probably get one that is a little thicker because some of the poses will require you to be on your knees during the practice.

As you progress you can see about getting some yoga blocks, a yoga bolster or strap, and any other accessories you might like to have. It’s all up to you, but getting that mat and getting started right away is what is most important.

3.) Learn Some Beginner Poses

If walking into a yoga class without knowing anything seems a little scary, you can learn a few of the basics at home before signing up for a formal class. Here are a few of the basic poses that you will see in most beginner yoga classes:

4.) Practice a Short Sequence at Home

Once you’ve learned a few beginner poses, try putting them into a short sequence and practice moving from one pose to the next so you get a feel for how they flow together.

One of the easiest things to start with is the Child’s pose. Taking a few deep breaths and relaxing for a few minutes will help to get you relaxed so you can begin your routine.

Move into Downward Dog pose and hold for about five breaths and then move on to Standing Forward Bend and hold for five breaths. Next you can go into Upward Facing Dog pose and hold for five breaths.

From there, lift up into Warrior I pose and hold for five breaths, then switch sides and hold for five more breaths.

From here, move into Triangle pose and hold for five breaths, switching sides to hold for five more breaths.

From the Triangle pose, stand up and balance in Tree Pose as best you can, holding for five breaths on each side. To end, lie flat on your back in Savasana. Get comfortable and breathe deeply and slowly as you relax for 5-15 minutes.

Remember, the best way to get started with yoga is to just do it! By learning a few of the basics and practicing regularly, you’ll be a yoga convert in no time!


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