[Pose Of the Week] Mill Churning Pose (Beginner)

Build strength & flexibility in your legs, hips, core, back, & more with Mill Churning Pose…

Mill Churning Pose (Chakki Chalanasana) – also known as Chakki Asana, Churning the Mill Pose, or Twisting in Sitting Posture – is a dynamic yoga pose that is accessible to any experience level. This deceptively simple seated pose stretches muscles throughout the entire body, including the back and spinal muscles, hamstrings and legs, hips, groin, and more. It also strengthens the core, back, arms, and shoulders, and may help to prevent sciatica and relieve menstrual disorders. Its gentle twisting motion is thought to improve the function of the digestive and reproductive organs, and it is also believed to offer spiritual and energetic benefits, including stimulation of the Sacral Chakra.

Be sure to position your leg evenly on both sides. Only separate your legs as far as is comfortable to avoid over-stressing the hamstrings. Keep your movement slow and steady, maintaining deep and even breathing throughout the exercise. Be sure to keep your legs and core engaged to maintain balance and stability, and don’t lean too far back.  You may wish to sit on a folded blanket for comfort.

This pose should be suitable for all experience levels, but those who are pregnant, have had recent surgery in the abdominal region, or who have current back, neck, shoulder, or knee injuries should avoid this one.

How to Do Mill Churning Pose:

  • Begin in Dandasana/Staff Pose. Your legs should be straight and back should be erect.
  • Slowly open your legs as wide as possible without strain.
  • Once your legs are placed properly and you feel stable, lift your hands to sternum level, and clasp them together firmly.
  • Inhale and engage your core, calves, and thighs to move your upper body forward and to the right. Exhale as you move back, and begin to move your torso in a wide circle, inhaling and exhaling smoothly throughout, inhaling on the forward half of the circle, and exhaling back.
  • Repeat for 5 circles, then switch directions.
  • Once you are accustomed to this movement, you may increase up to 10-15 circles in each direction.
  • When finished, bring your clasped hands to the center, and then relax your arms beside your hips and bring your legs together into Staff Pose. You may wish to rest for a few minutes in Thunderbolt or Corpse Pose.
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