[Pose Of the Week] Twist Into Revolved Triangle Pose (Intermediate)

Mastered the Triangle? Try Revolved Triangle Pose for a more challenging variation…

Triangle Pose is a foundational yoga pose, but the revolved variation, Parivrtta Trikonasana, is more challenging than it looks. Although it may not appear substantially different from Triangle Pose to start with, in fact, Revolved Triangle Pose has some complexities that present not only additional challenges, but also additional benefits.

Revolved Triangle builds strength in the core, thighs, back, and shoulders, while improving balance and stability. It also offers the detoxifying benefits of a twist, and may help to stimulate the internal organs and improve digestion.

If you do have existing back or shoulder issues, be sure you are strong enough to perform this pose before attempting it. If you have neck problems, you can perform the pose looking down rather than upwards towards the lifted hand.

Be sure to listen to your body, and adjust the pose as needed for a safe and comfortable experience. If desired, you can rest your lower hand on a block.

Here’s how to perform Revolved Triangle pose, according to YogaGlo.com:

  1. Stand in Tadasana at the top of your mat.

  2. Step your left foot back at least 3 feet and into a 45-degree angle.

  3. Step the left foot off the midline to the left bringing your stance to a heel-to-heel alignment or beyond (6 inches or more.)

  4. Press down through the outer edge of the left foot and the base of the big toe of the right foot. Engage the leg muscles and firm the outer hips inward.

  5. With your hands on your hips, elongate your spine and fold forward until your torso is level to the floor.

  6. Place your left fingertips on the inside, or ultimately, on the outside of your right foot. Keeping your hips square or slightly rotated, twist your torso to the right as you reach your right fingertips to the ceiling. Turn your gaze upward to your top fingertips.


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