[Weekly Workout] Sacral Chakra Yoga Flow for Creativity

Open & expand your creative energy center with this sacral chakra yoga flow class…

This month, we’re exploring the connection between yoga and the chakras, your energetic centers that run throughout your body. Last week, we started with the first chakra, known as the “Root Chakra.” Today, we’ll be working on the 2nd chakra, also known as the “Sacral Chakra,” or Svadhisthana chakra.

The second chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality and sensuality, creation, and change. Where the first chakra focused on groundedness and stability, the second chakra is all about flow and movement! Traditionally, this chakra is visualized as the color orange, and its vibrant energy is the force behind creative flow and forward momentum.

This 35-minute class complements the sacral chakra with a flowing and relaxed yoga sequence designed to help you let go of patterns that are keeping you stuck and embrace the creative energy within you!

Feeling like the whole “chakra” thing isn’t really for you? No worries! Just browse our workout archives to find something a little more your style. ?

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