[Pose Of the Week] Ease Back & Hip Pain with Seated Swan Pose (Beginner)

Stretch your hips, relieve back pain and tech neck, and more in Seated Swan Pose…

Seated Swan Pose – also sometimes known as Sitting Swan Pose, Seated Figure 4 Pose, Seated Square Pose, or Reverse Pigeon Pose in various variations – offers a wonderful hip stretch, and is great for relieving hip and lower back pain. This pose releases the lower back and neck, stretches the hips, hamstrings, and thighs, moves the knees through their full range of motion in a gentle way, and may offer relief for sciatic pain. It also opens the chest, and stretches and strengthens the arms and shoulders.

This pose is commonly done in restorative or Yin Yoga sequences, as it can be very therapeutic for those with pain or tightness in the hip and back region, so it’s great for both athletes and those who spend a lot of time sitting.

Be sure to hinge at your hips and avoid rounding the lower back in this pose. If you feel dizzy or suffer from any neck problems, please bring your head up and face straight ahead. Those with shoulder, arm, hip, or wrist injuries should avoid this pose.

How to Do Seated Swan Pose:

  • Come to a seated posture and extend both legs straight out in Staff Pose/Dandasana.

  • Place your right ankle just above your left knee. Keep your foot flexed and make sure not to sickle your ankle.

  • Bend the knee of the bottom leg and walk bottom foot closer to your body.

  • Make sure your chest stays open and lifted, no collapsing into your chest

  • Hinge at hips to keep the low back from rounding

  • Play with the position of your bottom leg and foot placement, approach your edge but don’t push too far!

  • Walk your hands out behind you to support the posture

  • Remember to RELAX into the hips.

  • Breathe. Notice what sensations arise.

  • Hold posture for at least 1- 5mins to feel the benefits of a deeper release, as TIME is our magic ingredient.

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Image Source: MarzenaWojcik.com

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