[Pose Of the Week] Learn Seated Compass Pose (Advanced)

Improve flexibility and mobility with the challenging Seated Compass Pose…

Seated Compass Pose (Parivritta Surya Yantrasana) – also sometimes called Seated Bird of Paradise Pose or Upward Revolved Knee-to-Head Pose – provides an intense stretch for your hamstrings, while also opening up the hips and pelvis and strengthening the shoulders, arms, and core muscles.

This seated version is a great way to begin to work your way up to full (standing) Compass Pose. You will require the flexibility needed in this pose in order to do the full pose, in which you will need to focus your attention more on balancing as you stand.

If you have tight hamstrings, you can also practice this pose by looping a strap around your raised foot and then holding onto the strap instead of your foot. Breathe deeply and slowly throughout the pose. It is okay to keep your knees slightly soft.

Those with hamstring or shoulder injuries should skip this pose.

How to do Seated Compass Pose:

1. Begin seated in Staff Pose.

2. Bend your right knee and cradle your right shin.

3. Take your right hand to your right ankle, and take your left hand over and to the outer edge of your right foot.

4. Round your spine and wiggle your right shoulder underneath your right knee.

5. Start to lengthen your spine as it feels good. Breathe here.

6. With your fingertips facing away from you, release your right hand to the ground. Soften your right elbow as much as you want, then start to poke your head under your left shoulder.

7. Lengthen your right leg to any degree that feels comfortable, and breathe there for at least three deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

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