[Pose Of the Week] Sideways Uneven Tiptoe Pose (Intermediate)

Stretch your upper body, build core strength, & improve your balance with Sideways Uneven Tiptoe Pose…

Sideways Uneven Tiptoe Pose (Parsva Visama Prapada Kaliasana) – also known as Sideways Uneven Tip Toe Pose Dedicated to Goddess Kali, or Goddess Pose Side Bend One Foot Tiptoe Variation – is an intermediate-level standing yoga balance pose which challenges strength and balance. This is a variation of the Goddess Kali’s Pose, and like this pose and regular Goddess Pose, this pose also opens and stretches the hips, builds core strength, strengthens the feet, calves, and ankles, and offers a great stretch to the intercostal muscles between the ribs.

It is also believed to improve mental focus, and stimulate the Root and Sacral Chakras for feelings of confidence, security, and creativity.

Although this pose should be accessible for most people who are comfortable in Goddess or Squat Pose, those with knee or ankle injuries should probably sit this one out.

How to Do Sideways Uneven Tiptoe Pose:

1.) Spread your feet wide and at a slight outward angle. Sit into a deep, low squat, keeping your back straight.

2.) Bring your arms up parallel with your shoulders then bend at the elbow to create a goal post shape. Bring the tips of your index fingers and thumbs together in Gyan Mudra.

3.) Slowly bend to the right, until your right elbow touches your right knee, maintaining a smooth curve in the spine and feeling the stretch along your left side. Keep your waist elongated, imagining lifting up and out of your hips as you bend.

4.) Lift the heel of your left foot, balancing on your toes.

5.) Turn your gaze downward, towards the toes of your right foot. Hold the pose for a couple of slow breaths, then slowly return to center, using your core muscles to lift your torso upright.

6.) Repeat on the other side.

Learn more about this pose at YogaPedia.com

Image Credit: MrYoga.com


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