[Weekly Workout] Mind-Body Yoga for Strength & Healing

Find your inner power with this empowering mind-body yoga class!

Focus on strength, balance, and inner peace as you move through this standing yoga series designed to help strengthen your core and supportive muscles, and connect with the powerful being within you. This uplifting mind-body yoga class will build strength both inside and out, and help you learn to listen to your body and your inner self as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Be patient and loving with yourself as you surrender to your breath in each pose. Breathing deeply and slowly throughout the postures will help to energize your body and mind, release nervous tension and stress, and become fully present in the moment as you move deliberately and with control. The strength you gain through this session will also help to improve your posture and balance, reduce pain, and lower your risk of injury.



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