[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Yoga to Shift Your Perspective

Could you take a different view? This 20-minute yoga class will help you find your inner strength and open your mind and heart to new perspectives!

Get ready to mix things up a bit with this warming and heart-opening flow! This sequence is designed to help you balance both sides of your brain, ground you into your body, and leave you feeling great! Commit these few minutes to caring for yourself, and bringing your awareness to your ingrained patterns. Could you open yourself to new possibilities? Be willing to notice your habits and take action for positive change.

As you move through this 20-minute class, you will connect with your inner base of strength, improve circulation and blood flow, and increase strength and flexibility throughout your body and mind. Focus on your breath throughout this sequence, stay present, and welcome any potential shifts in perspective that may help you find creative solutions to any problems you may be facing!

Grab your yoga mat, open your mind and heart, and get ready to flow…


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