[Weekly Workout] Release, Flow, & Let Go with Water Element Yoga

Release tension and negative emotions with this flowing Water Element yoga class…

Water is the element of flow. Water can also represent our emotions, and like emotions, keeping it bottled up and stagnant can eventually lead to an unhealthy condition.

This 20-minute Vinyasa flow offers a fluid and gentle way to improve your balance, strength, and coordination, while helping you release mental blocks and negative emotions.

This practice utilizes the Pranayama practice of Ujayi breath to help you focus on the present moment and release negative energy, while increasing healthy, positive energy throughout your body and your mind.

Let it flow – and let it go – as you move through this flowing Water Element yoga class:

Note: This is the third in the Element Series – be sure to check out Fire Yoga and Earth Yoga if you liked this class!

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