[Pose Of the Week] One-Legged Boat Pose (Beginner)

Strengthen your core, improve your balance and focus and more with One-Legged Boat Pose.

One Legged-Boat Pose (Eka Pada Navasana) – also known as One Leg Boat Pose, is a good pose to do if you are working your way up to full Boat Pose. It will help you build the stability and core strength needed to perform the more advanced pose, and it will also improve balance, focus and concentration, and strengthen the legs, arms, and shoulders. It is also thought to stimulate the internal organs such as the kidneys and intestines.

This pose is included in the primary series of Ashtanga yoga, and is also found in many other yoga sequences.

To modify the pose, you may bend the lifted leg, or use a yoga strap around the foot or ankle or hold onto the thigh of the raised leg to provide support. Those with recent or chronic injury to the abdominal region, knees, hips, or shoulders should avoid this pose.

How to Do One-Legged Boat Pose, according to YogaBasics.com:

1. From a seated position, extend the right leg forward and bend the left foot in towards the right thigh. Inhale the arms over the straight leg, parallel to the floor, with the palms facing each other.

2. Slowly lean back and inhale the right leg up, pressing out through the heel, letting your gaze rest on the big toe.


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